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Picture this: Elephants, camels, kangaroo, penguins and even turtles are perched along fences adjacent to Mill Valley’s incredible network of Steps, Lanes & Paths.

No, this isn’t some bizarre infusion of animals from far away places dropped into the 94941, but the creative creation of longtime local artist Teresa Rea, who has created Mill Valley Art Zoom, a DIY-style project that provides an activity over the next few months.

Here’s the 411: Rea has created a series of kits, including templates and steel wire, for anyone to make their own wire frame animal that can be placed on a fence adjacent to an SLP. In addition to the aforementioned animals, Rea has templates for coyotes, crows, dragonflies, foxes, mice, quail and squirrels as well.

Rea has the endorsement of the Arts Commission and Mill Valley Recreation and the Friends of Steps Lanes and Paths.

“I provide templates and wire to whoever would like to make any of 12 creatures or, for a modest fee, I will do it for them,” Rea says, noting that examples already exist along paths 264 and 76.

MORE INFO: 415.601.5848 or email readiance@sbcglobal.net.

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