OAC’s community grants also include $2,000 to restart the spring and fall plantings downtown that were previously funded by Bloomathon.
The Outdoor Art Club‘s Outreach Committee issued an array of grants to organizations throughout the community this month, including an $11,000 grant to the Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center‘s Enjoy Mill Valley Fund to renovate the downtown clock tower at the northwest corner of Throckmorton and Miller avenues. The clock tower was donated to the community in 1929 by the Mill Valley Volunteer Firefighters Association, and was later repaired in 1956.

In addition, the committee issued a $2,000 grant to the Enjoy Mill Valley Fund to restart the spring and fall plantings downtown that were previously funded by Bloomathon.

Both of the committee’s grants to the Enjoy Mill Valley Fund are in line with the OAC’s organizational purpose of preserving the natural environment; beautifying the grounds around public buildings; encouraging Outdoor Art; and other literary, civic and charitable works.

“This is such a nice example of the partnership between the Enjoy Mill Valley Fund, the Chamber of Commerce, the City of Mill Valley and the Outdoor Art Club,” says Chamber Co-Director Paula Reynolds, an OAC member who submitted the grant application along with Chamber Board member Kathryn Olson. “We’re thrilled to be able to bring momentum to the efforts to restore the downtown clock, one of Mill Valley’s landmarks.”

In an effort to foster a vibrant and small town community that benefits everyone in town, the Chamber established the Enjoy Mill Valley Fund in July with the cooperation of the Marin Community Foundation. Working with the City of Mill Valley, County of Marin and local nonprofits, the Chamber seeks to identify deserving, “shovel ready” local beautification and infrastructure projects that just need a little funding boost to get to the finish line. All donations to the Enjoy Mill Valley Fund are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

The EMV Fund’s first contribution was $3,500 to the City of Mill Valley to help pay for the restoration of the replica Gravity Car on the Depot Plaza. The car is expected to return to the Plaza in the coming months. The Chamber has committed to support local civic projects on an ongoing basis, and a committee of the Chamber will recommend initiatives that allow residents, businesses and visitors alike to “Enjoy Mill Valley.”

GO HERE if you’re interested in making a tax deductible donation to the Enjoy Mill Valley Fund. Please support this new venture to maintain and enhance the vitality of our community!

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