Clockwise from top left, Mayor Sashi McEntee, Vice Mayor John McCauley, Jim Wickham, Tricia Ossa and Urban Carmel. Courtesy image.

A Message from the Mill Valley City Council:

“Incidents like the death of Mr. Floyd at the hands of law enforcement while other officers stood back and watched have to stop.

All five of your Councilmembers were appalled by this tragic event. Let’s be clear. Racism and police violence will not be tolerated in Mill Valley.  

During public open time at our Council meeting on June 1 the question of what the city is doing about Black Lives Matter was brought forward by a member of the public. We should have stopped at that moment and made it clear that this is a matter of immediate local importance subject to our review. We made a mistake.

All five of your council members have participated in, and fully support, all of the moving protest events that have taken place in our community over the last few days. We appreciate the large attendance at these peaceful events. We have heard the stories, we have heard the pain and we have heard the concerns. Now it is time to act. 

At the next City Council meeting we will begin the effort to create a concrete plan to address racism and injustice in Mill Valley. We will take the time necessary to get things right. Everything is on the table.

Please contact us with your thoughts on this question: How can the City move forward to make meaningful change towards ending racism and injustice in our community? Click here to send us your thoughts.

Sashi McEntee, Mayor | John McCauley, Vice Mayor | Jim Wickham, Councilmember
Urban Carmel, Councilmember | Tricia Ossa, Councilmember