ThrockmortonThere are a ton of incredible arts orgs in this community, but we can’t say it enough about the landmark Throckmorton Theatre, a rarity that does it all: top-notch theatrical productions, live music, classical concerts, some of the best comedy in the Bay Area and starting today, Djangofest, one of the most thrilling musical events of the Mill Valley calendar.
And don’t even get us started on the amazing hilarity that Hasan Minhaj brought to the Throck in August!
But as arts organizations have felt consistently over the past few years, and even moreso in many cases for nonprofits, the going is rough.
With that in mind, Throckmorton founder Lucy Mercer is making an appeal to the venue’s massive followers to step up and support the organization. 
“We have worked hard this year to launch a new season of theatre, a new season of free Noon Concerts, a new series of Jazz concerts, world music concerts and our well-known Tuesday Night Comedy series,” Mercer writes. “We have also launched a bi-lingual chorus composed of families from the ELM community and in November we will present a contemporary embroidery art exhibit with works by Caroline Dahl. Les Miserables is in rehearsal adding music to the theatre days and we have an exciting slate of shows coming up in November. and December. We are so hopeful for these new beginnings.”

“We are also truly concerned,” she wrote. “These are incredibly difficult times for arts organizations across the country. We have all experienced significant economic setbacks from Covid-19 which still reverberates in the arts industries today. In addition, general inflation has caused a precipitous rise in the price of lumber for building sets, along with just about every other item needed to stage a production and operate a venue (materials for costumes, food, furniture, soap, sanitizer and paper towels have all skyrocketed ). Recent laws have added 22% to our employment and administration costs  (these are being currently challenged).”

“We are investors in our human community. We exist to strengthen our connections, to challenge our perceptions, to help our youth imagine new worlds, and, through better understanding,  our programs build empathy and appreciation for all world citizens,” Mercer wrote. “We truly need you now more than ever. Our goal is to raise $500,000 by December 31st. Please know every gift is valued. If you have someone to refer or an organization that you think might be helpful to us, please write us below and let us know. We will weave the fabric of our future together. With stories. With shared experiences, with a LOT of magic.”

Our deepest gratitude. With your support, we can reach our goal of raising $500,000 by December 31, 2023.


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