In reviewing Ann Randolph’s award-winning show “Loveland” in 2010, San Francisco Chronicle Theater Critic Sam Hurwitt noted that the playwright and performer’s “surprisingly moving” take on on the death of a parent, sex and a lot of inappropriate behavior generated “waves of hilarity” and plenty of laughter and tears.

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the tears come from comedy, compassion or both,” he wrote.

Randolph is back with a new show, “Inappropriate In All The Right Ways,” and she’s performing it as a fundraiser for the O’Hanlon Center for the Arts on Saturday, August 12. Tickets are $35 and the show is limited to only 60 attendees.

For the new show, Randolph “fuses her trademark irreverent observations with TED-style self-help messaging to create an opportunity for the audience to take the stage and tell their own stories in a has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed transformational theatrical experience.”

The show starts with Randolph sharing her own wild ride: from living as a volunteer in a mental institution in Appalachia; to living on a boat off the coast of Alaska pretending to clean the Exxon Oil spill with some good ol’ boys from Louisiana; to a homeless shelter in Santa Monica; to hooking up with Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft for an Off Broadway run on 42nd St; to teaching thousands to take the stage and speak their truth. Each step of the way, we watch Randolph face tremendous obstacles and defeats and are witness to how each of these challenges led to the unfolding of this always unique and always surprising artist.
The 411: Ann Randolph performs “Inappropriate In All The Right Ways” at the O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, 616 Throckmorton Avenue, on Saturday, August 12. Tickets are $35 and the show is limited to only 60 attendees. MORE INFO & TIX.

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