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Art of the Board of Directors

In addition to helping steer the artistic, logistic and financial sustainability of the O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, its board of directors is also comprised of talented artists unto themselves. Its latest exhibit celebrates that fact as it showcases the art of its board of directors with “On Board,” which showcases the work of Dan Cassidy, Dana Kelly, Jackie La Lanne, Laura Diecks, Laurel Shear, Peller Marion and Zoe Porkowski.
The exhibit runs from August 19 through Sept. 23, with an artists’ reception August 21, 4-6pm in the gallery. A limited number of masked visitors will be allowed in the gallery at one time.
O’Hanlon’s board has some aforementioned financial challenges ahead of it as the organization seeks to save its Loft building, as a sinkhole suddenly appeared at the base of it, endangering its treasured building for members making art and coming together. The hole endangers the Loft building and could render it permanently unusable for classes, rental income for artists, summer camp for kids and more. The board has engaged contractors to stabilize the soil at a cost of $18,000.

The long-term solution calls for diverting the creek away from under the loft, estimated to cost as much as $80,000, according to O’Hanlon Executive Director Erma Murphy.

We are asking all of our members and our greater OHCA community to help us with this major unexpected expense to save the building at the heart of our center. They’ve created a fundraising campaign to cover the cost of the project. DONATE HERE