Few have done more than filmmaker and photographer Gary Yost in recent years to highlight the history and importance of Mount Tam. From his film The Invisible Peak to his collaborations with the likes of Miwok artist Sky Road Webb, activist Peter Coyote, street-painting artist Genna Panzarella and musicians Jimmy Dillon and Lorin Rowan, Yost has left a lasting educational and inspirational imprint on the Sleeping Lady above Mill Valley.

The Mill Valley Historical Society has taken note, and made Yost the centerpiece of their latest historical showcase event at the Mill Valley Library, set for Wednesday, November 2 at 7pm. Dubbed Mount Tamalpais: Inspiration for Action and Art with Gary Yost and Friends,” the event will feature Yost talking about his aforementioned collaborations, as well as his  West Peak interactive timeline and the full history of the forgotten 106 acres on the summit of Mt. Tam and restoration at West Peak. Gary, Sky Road, Genna, Jimmy and Lorin will all be on hand to share their thoughts, play music inspired by the mountain, and lead the audience in Miwok songs.

The 411: “Mount Tamalpais: Inspiration for Action and Art with Gary Yost and Friends” is on Wednesday, November 2 at 7pm at the Mill Valley Library. Registration recommended. Click here to register.

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