The alleged murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on May 25 police officer has set off a firestorm around the country – and the world – about racist violence and brutality by increasingly militarized police. Officials from the Marin Theatre Company, which has regularly produced theater that has turned its lens on the strains of race relations in America, in Minneapolis A statement from the leadership at Marin Theatre Company:

To our Marin Theatre Company Community,

Theater is an important tool that builds empathy and creates change in our world. That is what we strive for with every production we mount. But speaking through art alone is not enough – we cannot just be passive protesters.

Racist violence that is itself a pandemic in our country and in our world must end. The murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, among the countless others who have been victimized by racist violence in our nation’s history must not be forgotten or ignored. We must all demand justice. We must all continue to fight against white supremacy and racism in all its forms.

While we, as a nation and a world, have been forced to pause from what was our “normal” to create a safer world, we must ensure that “safer” includes safety for all Americans and all global citizens. We must move from passivity to action in seeking safety, justice, and respect for every person.

We stand with all of our black artists and black community members during this time, and always. #blacklivesmatter.

For more resources on how to be active in the fight, please see links below.

Anti Racism Resources
Resources for White Allies Against Racism

In solidarity,

Jasson Minadakis | Artistic Director
Jenna Deja | Interim Managing Director
And The Staff and Board of Marin Theatre Company