At bottom center, Eric Rogers and Brock Wagstaff of Wagstaff + Rogers Architects, surrounded by some of their most prominent projects. Photos by Stuart Lisette Photography and Eric Rogers.

For Brock Wagstaff and Eric Rogers, principals at Wagstaff + Rogers Architects on Miller Avenue, have long been at the forefront of green design across an array of custom residential and commercial projects in Marin County and well beyond. Now the pair is making a technological leap to fuel their firm’s digital transformation and provide their clients and stakeholders with the most robust and collaborative content support.

That leap is driven by their deployment of Box’s Cloud Content Management (CCM) platform solution alongside of mxHero’s Mail2Cloud to drive innovation, content security and collaboration objectives to fuel the firm’s strategic growth posture.

“Architect firms are challenged by content proliferation as we adhere to engineering requirements, regulatory compliance, and seek to offer our clients the most robust communication solutions to fuel our firm’s commercial and private architect firm business objectives,” Rogers says. “With these things in mind, Wagstaff + Rogers Architects is keenly aware that our firm must be digital first, mobile ready, with content access anywhere, at any time from any device.”

“mxHero’s ability to auto-capture our email-based content and attachments and enrich it with meta-data and security powered by Box, is a game-changing move for our architecture firm and gives us security improvements, workflow synergies and enhances our ability to collaborate both internally and externally with our valuable constituents. Rogers adds. “It’s game-changing for us as we continue scale our business.”

Rogers joined Wagstaff in 2004, drawn to one another by their shared focus on “traditional craftsmanship with a passion for new technologies, materials and a strong philosophy about art in architecture,” as well as their shared love of the outdoors.

Rogers recalls that when he went to interview with Wagstaff those many years ago, he worried a bit about showing up on his motorcycle, his long-preferred method of travel. Wagstaff, an avid rock climber, didn’t flinch.

“I threw the jacket and tie aside and been wearing jeans everyday since,” Rogers says.

The pair also connected in terms of design aesthetic. “Brock designs buildings on a scale that you can feel how a family interacts with each other and the area,” says Rogers. “He’s mostly into craftsmen and cottage style design, which was different from the commercial work I had been doing. But he allowed me to bring my modern contemporary taste with me as well.”

“He’s kind of a father figure to me and he allowed me to experiment and focus on things I’m passionate about like green design,” adds Rogers, who became a partner in the firm in 2015. “And we’ve found clients over the years who are just as passionate about it.”

Wagstaff and Rogers’ time together has been fruitful, to say the least. Some of the highlights include a sustainable design in St. Helena that Rogers says he’s most proud of, as well as the San Rafael Home in Belvedere, whose design was inspired by a trip to Indonesia a couple of years ago as well as the influence of Wagstaff, who is a partner in the Bali Beach House.

The duo’s Austin Ave. in San Anselmo was the first home GreenPoint Rated under the town’s new ordinance requirements and was featured in Flourish Magazine, while their “huge experiment in sustainable material” for the Marin Builders Association in San Rafael has stood the test of time and the firm has remodeled, added space and subdivided space it several times for over 10 years now.

The 411: Wagstaff + Rogers Architects is at 275 Miller Ave, #202. MORE INFO.

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