Pacific Preparatory team

Jesse Roselin and his Pacific Preparatory team.

Mill Valley resident Jesse Roselin stays busy. He spearheads Tutor Corps, which provides tutoring in all K-12 subjects, as well as Pacific Preparatory, an in-home, one-to-one, K-12 private school launched in 2002 that promises an engaging one-on-one academic experience with flexible curriculum and scheduling.

But Roselin also seeks to make sure that students have access to resources that are free and open to the public. To that end, Pacific Preparatory are hosting a fall webinar series, a book club for kids, reading circles for pre-K through 1st grade and virtual paint nights for kids 3rd thru 8th grades.

Pacific Preparatory has also partnered with Kiddo and the Tam High Foundation to support local schools. Students can sign up for K-12 tutoring, apply for scholarships through the Tutor Corps Foundation, or take remedial or enrichment courses through PacPrep. “Many local elementary, middle and high school students are accessing our flexible courses while attending our amazing local schools,” Roselin says. “Since the Gifted and Talented program was eliminated in California, PacPrep is a great option for students to get enrichment opportunities.”


Roselin recently sat down for a Q&A with YouTuber MamaHopey, “a mama (of two), world traveller and entrepreneur on the hunt for awe-inspiring education tools, models, mentors, resources to prepare my kids and yours for the changing world.” Watch it below: