Michael LaMacchia

Michael LaMacchia

The Miller Closure rolls on with live music Saturday, Oct. 2, 6-7:30pm, continuing to infuse downtown with vitality during this insane rollercoaster ride that the COVID-19 crisis hath wrought.

Through it all, Mill Valley residents and guests have rediscovered the wonders of the 94941, from the delicious marriage of live music and al fresco dining to more outdoor seating than our community has enjoyed in decades. The voracious appetite for al fresco dining and shopping options has robust and passionate, verifying the “rising tide lifts all boats” theory in spades.

This weekend’s performance features Michael LaMacchia 3io, the acclaimed local guitarist’s adventurous trio that serves up an alluring arc of luminous songwriting and deeply centered conversations that capture our attention and invite us to participate. The trio sonically narrates a very personal journey that shimmers with a blend of pastoral memories, mysterious storytelling. Each of the songs takes shape from spirited group interaction and contoured dynamics that together, reward us with incandescent insight and reflection into our own passage.”

City Hall’s foresight to extend the outdoor business use program through June 2022 was perfect timing, as southern Marin is in the midst of its “late summer” period when the weather typically gets warmer than it has been all summer. It also matches the always-busy fall calendar as the Mill Valley Film Festival (Oct. 7-17) goes live with screenings all over Marin, including a free Movies in the Park screening of “Princess Diaries” on Oct. 8 at 7pm at Old Mill Park.

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