In case the specter of the coronavirus outbreak hadn’t hit home for everyone in Marin, a potent reminder arrived this week, as Marin County’s public health officer tested positive and offered an urgent message to others in his community.

In a video message recorded Sunday night, Dr. Matt Willis announced that he tested positive for the virus that afternoon. Willis, who was among the Bay Area public health officials to issue a shelter in place order a week ago, said he has been self-quarantined from his family since his symptoms first appeared late last week.

“My case is further proof that COVID-19 is with us,” said Willis. “While my symptoms are now mild, as most people’s will be, we also know that for many, especially our elders, this same illness can be life threatening.”

Willis said he didn’t know how he was exposed but he has “been actively meeting with healthcare workers around the Bay Area as part of his work to coordinate Marin County’s response to COVID-19. Either way, it’s a clear sign of what we’ve been saying all along. I didn’t necessarily think I would be such an early example of the fact this is in our community.”