The Mill Valley Library is hosting an event this month designed for young adult lovers of both kicks and lit.

“Literary Soles” offers high schoolers (both incoming freshman and recent grads) the opportunity to get in touch with their creative sides and express themselves artistically. On Monday, July 27 at 7pm, the library will provide participants with a pair of shoes that they get to design and decorate based on books, graphic novels, poems, or other literary favorites. High schoolers will have access to a variety of art supplies so they can personalize their creations, and at the end of the night they get to keep their pair of shoes to show off their literary pride (and make all of their friends jealous).

No artistic experience is necessary and high schoolers with all levels of skill are invited to participate. Imagination is the limit when designing these shoes: big fans of Harry Potter may want to draw snitches and Deathly Hallows, whereas a poetry lover may want to create an abstract drawing representing her favorite poem. Library nerds (like the author of this article), may even prefer to decorate their shoes to look like library cards, as shown in the photo above.

Click here to register, or visit the Mill Valley Young Adult webpage for more information.

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