Comedian Dana Kelly.

Murphy Productions, the acclaimed firm from Daniel Patrick and Erma Murphy, has been hosting Sunday Salons – potluck-style meals that have attendees performing music, poetry, dance, storytelling and much more – at O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, where Murphy serves as executive director, for many years.

The COVID-19 crisis has certainly put a damper on in-person events over the past 17 months, but the duo continues to march on, this time with the first in-person Sunday Salon on April 3. Organizers plan to kick off the event at 4pm meet and start the performances at 5pm.

Those performances include standup comedians Dana Kelly and Phil Garratt, as well as special guests Geoff Bolt and Michael O’Brien, who will host a live podcast called – you guessed it – “O’Brien & Bolt.”

“We all need a bit more humor right now and we are hearing up for a rip-roaring time,” Murphy says. “There will be the usual suspects: comedians, musicians, singers, poets, storytellers and surprises. Bring a sack supper for yourself and a bottle of your favorite beverage to share.” Cost is $15. 


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