Jamie Johnson

Many trends come and go.

But some stand the test of time, connecting with multiple generations and finding new audiences along the way. For the past several years, Mill Valley’s Jamie Johnson has nailed the sweet spot for her enamel lapel pin business Impact Designs.

Enamel pins have been around for decades, but in recent years, they have experienced a resurgence in popularity. 

Despite the rise of digital media and changing fashion trends, people of all ages continue to gravitate to pins – and that includes a Mill Valley stalwart in Marin County Supervisor Stephanie Moulton-Peters and her colleagues.

Johnson says that while nostalgia is one main reasons people still buy pin badges – many people remember collecting and trading pins as children and now, as adults, they are drawn to the same hobby but have a more significant disposable income – but there is also a significant interest in all types of self expression. That spans from self expression on issues like supporting human rights, showcasing their passions and beliefs subtly yet stylishly. 

A few of Impact Designs’ many enamel pins.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that massive digital platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have become hubs for pin collectors and enthusiasts to share their collections and discover new designs. 

Since launching her business in 2022, Johnson has vastly expanded her pin portfolio and has become a preferred vendor for the American Red Cross. 

On top of her business acumen, Johnson also leverages her deep ties to local schools as a parent, mom and Strawberry Point School PTA President, PTA Executive Board and the California State PTA. (which oversees Marin County, among others)

Johnson stays busy, and knows that the more people you meet, the more opportunities arrive to do good in the community AND to connect with more individuals, nonprofits and businesses who might want to connect with her enamel pin business.

“I volunteer and do all kinds of things – I’m not good at standing around,” she says with a laugh. “It feels really nice to help – this community is my home and it feels really nice to see people around town wearing one of my pins,” Johnson says.

Johnson’s pin portfolio continues to grow, including for the likes of Vivalon, “I Heart Marin,’ Visit Marin, and moments of recognition.

Johnson, who grew up in Walnut Creek, attended Carondelet High School, lived in San Francisco for 12 years and moved to Mill Valley several years ago with her husband Jason and their two children, says their move to the 94941 has been a delight. She credits in part Mill Valley weather patterns for the decision.