Scenes from wine tastings hosted by Anne Minkin, at center, including at Gaonnuri at Nomad Tower in midtown Manhattan, at top right, and at St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco, at bottom left. Courtesy images.

In a modern economy in which technology-driven disruption of longstanding industries has become the norm, millions of Americans are making transitions to second careers, with fingers crossed that they’ll find success and happiness.

Few could match Anne Minkin on either of those metrics.

Minkin, a New York native, spent many years in graphic design and corporate communications both on the East Coast and after she moved to the Bay Area in 1990 with her husband Bob. She found herself in need of such a career transition around five years ago, and sought a new challenge.

In the years since they’d moved to Marin, Minkin was drawn to the wine industry. “I sort of discovered a real passion for wine, visiting wine country all over the state,” she says, noting that she thought about becoming a sommelier or working in a tasting room but realized she’d grown accustomed to working independently.

A friend mentioned a business opportunity she’d learned about: becoming a wine ambassador for Boisset Collection, a family of renowned wines led by Jean-Charles Boisset based in Napa Valley and Burgundy, France, with more than 27 estate wineries in both countries. The opportunity called for ambassadors to extend the tasting room experience beyond the tasting rooms themselves by conducting wine tastings at people’s homes, businesses, and special events and selling exclusive wines directly to consumers near and far.

“It sounded like an incredibly opportunity,” Minkin says of the role for France’s third largest wine group, and the 25th largest wine producer in the U.S. And then she discovered quite a coincidence. “Bob and I had been wine club members for Buena Vista – one of the Boisset brands – for three years prior to that moment. I couldn’t believe it. And I was all in.”  

While Boisset is a well known figure, the Boisset name is kept fairly discreet “because the family values and recognizes the unique, historical significance of each winery,” Minkin says. With their U.S. base at Raymond Vineyards in St. Helena, Boisset had long since expanded its footprint into Napa and Sonoma, including Buena Vista and DeLoach Vineyards.


“I didn’t have any expectations,” Minkin says. “It just sounded really fun and I think second careers are all about following your passion. Five years later, I’m one of the top leaders of the company. I have really embraced it and it’s mutual. I’m helping to grow the company and I really believe in what we’re doing and helping others to follow their passion for wine and learning like I have.”

That passion extends to marquee Boisset projects like LVE: Legend Vineyard Exclusive (order here), a partnership with Oscar-winning musician and singer John Legend, who partnered with Boisset’s Raymond Vineyards on a limited-edition line of wines.

​Given her design and branding background, the Boisset role has also allowed to Minkin to create private, custom wine bottle labels for clients. She’s done just that for the Mill Valley Chamber, with a label bearing the Mill Valley logo created by Marin designer Michael Schwab. There are five wines from Buena Vista, JCB and Raymond Vineyards available with these Enjoy Mill Valley labels, and are sold by the case. A portion of proceeds benefit the Mill Valley Chamber. Contact Anne at 415-250-7771 or email her here if you’re interested. Turnaround time is approximately two weeks.

The 411: Anne Minkin is a wine ambassador for the Boisset Collection. MORE INFO.

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