The Outdoor Art Club hosts speakers on a vast range of subjects throughout the year. Rarely will the garden-loving organization‘s members find one who speaks their language better than Michelle Slatalla.

Slatalla, a former New York Times style columnist who lives in the Sycamore Triangle neighborhood, speaks at the OAC on Thursday, Feb. 15 at 1pm, an event that is free and open to the public. Slatalla launched the Gardenista website, a sister site to the interior design site Remodelista, in 2012 as “the definitive guide to stylish outdoor spaces” in search of the “best design ideas, from fragrant old French roses to midcentury house numbers … whether your outdoor space is a city balcony or a sprawling garden.”

The site has taken off ever since, so much so that Slatalla published a book on the subject in 2016. She touted Gardenista: The Definitive Guide to Stylish Outdoor Spaces as “a version of Gardenista you can dog-ear.” Slatalla says her focus on gardens is guided by the principle that “outdoor space is living space, and should be as carefully considered as any other room in your home.”

​Please tell a friend and bring a friend to this Free Public Event. No tickets are required. Light refreshments will be served.

The book, like the website, seeks to identify and influence garden trends through an eclectic selection of plants, tools, hardscape details, garden furniture, color schemes and various uncategorizable objects, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Photographs show many of the editors’ favorite gardens, both their overall design and close-up shots of details. Also shown are 100 stylish and useful objects you might want for your garden. A section called “Expert Advice” tackles topics such as “Ten Things Worth Spending On”; “Ten Ways to Save”; how to be environmentally friendly; and how to work with a garden designer. There is also a 10-point Gardenista Manifesto, in which point No. 10 is: “A little wildness in a garden is a good thing,” according to the Chronicle.

The 411: Gardenista founder Michelle Slatalla speaks at the Outdoor Art Club on Thursday, Feb. 15 at 1pm, an event that is free and open to the public. 1 West Blithedale Avenue at Throckmorton Avenue. 

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