In April 2018, when Heather Hardcastle and her husband Rick Perko opened the second location of their gluten-free Flour Craft Bakery at the Mill Valley Lumber Yard, they did so with the intent to use the new space as a platform to expand their offerings to “be a more fully realized vision of what Flour Craft can be.”

While Flour Craft continues to churn out broadly creative food and gluten-free baked good, they’re “fully realized vision of what Flour Craft can be” has taken on a different mantra, as Hardcastle and Perko have created a GoFundMe to support a family member of one of her longtime employees. 

Hardcastle is fundraising on behalf of the Zarat Family, who recently and tragically lost their brother, Roberto at the very young age of 34. All funds raised will go directly to the family to help pay for funeral and memorial costs.
Hardcastle has known Mario (Roberto’s brother) & his family for the past 10 years as a Flour Craft employee.
“During this time Mario has become a trusted friend and employee,” Hardcastle says. “He is truly one of the hardest working, most intelligent, and creative people I have ever met. Originally from Guatemala, Mario has worked tirelessly to build a life for himself here and to support his family back home. He has saved for a decade to be able to offer his brother, Roberto the opportunity to join him in the US.”
“This past summer, during record heat in the Sonoran Desert, Roberto attempted his crossing. The family lost touch with him near the border of Mexico and Arizona. Tragically, Roberto did not survive the journey and his body was recovered this past month and only able to be identified by fingerprints. Roberto was the sole provider for his family and leaves behind a wife and two young sons.”
Funeral and memorial costs are the most urgent priority for the family at this time. Any additional funds will go to Roberto’s wife while she gets back on her feet and to an education fund of his two sons.
“On behalf of the Zarat family, thank you for your support,” Hardcastle says.