At separate events on Friday, Equator and The Hivery will be handing out free weather-resistant Women on Washington posters for those heading to one of the marches on Saturday.
A chance encounter induced by the heavy rains and power outage early this month has led to a collaboration between a pair of well known women-owned Mill Valley businesses and a fledgling organization created by a new local resident, a collaboration that has coalesced rapidly in advance of the planned Women’s March San Francisco and Women’s March Oakland on Saturday.

Out and about in downtown Mill Valley on Jan. 8, Amy Maniatis and her family ducked inside Equator Coffees & Teas at 2 Miller Avenue to escape the downpour. She met Equator co-founder Helen Russell and got to chatting about Women on Washington, the organization Maniatis, who recently relocated from Washington, DC to Mill Valley, has launched with a group of female colleagues “to create greater solidarity among all those who believe in protecting feminist causes with an uncertain future ahead.”

Maniatis mentioned her organization’s campaign to distribute posters, designed by famed rock poster artist Chuck Sperry, to participants in the Saturday marches, and Russell jumped at the opportunity to help. On Friday starting at 8am, Equator will be handing out free coffee and Sperry’s two-sided, weather-resistant ‘Resist’ posters (above) to marchers who visit Equator at 2 Miller Avenue. 

Russell also connected Mianitis with The Hivery founder Grace Kraaijvanger, who has organized more than a half dozen buses to go from Mill Valley to the Women’s March San Francisco. The Hivery (38 Miller Ave., 2nd floor) is hosting an event Friday evening and will be handing out the posters at it and again as marchers board the buses on Saturday morning, according to Russell.

“Big doings at Equator and The Hivery,” Russell says.

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