With the (hopefully) receding years of a too-quiet downtown San Francisco, Equator Coffees, which opened its Proof Lab cafe in 2013 and its 2 Miller Ave. cafe in downtown Mill Valley in 2014 and many more since then, is back in resurgence mode, reopening its SoMa shop in October, after being closed since March 2020.

The store, located in the LinkedIn building at 222 2nd Street, is cited as part of San Francisco’s downtown area’s push towards revival post-COVID-19. Prior to the pandemic, it used to frequently host events and cater to customers throughout the week.

Equator CEO JP Lachance and his team are now trying to regain Equator’s standing as an essential city element, according to SF Eater.

Lachance told SF Eater that he considers the business resumption scenario to be more “art than science.” Although remote work is still widespread in San Francisco, business activities are slowly climbing. Equator Coffee used metrics like local cellphone activity reports to judge the right reopening time. The company believes now is that time.

Being on the forefront of macro-level developments has always been in the genes of Equator – consistent with the values the company’s 2016 Small Business Person of the Year for California, the first time in the U.S. Small Business Administration’s history that it selected LGBT business owners.


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