​Who’s ready for the babyccino?

Inspired by their barista brethren Down Under, the folks at Equator Coffees are rolling out a new kid-friendly drink version of the cappuccino this weekend called the babyccino, essentially a cup of warm steamed milk often accompanied by a dusting of chocolate powder.

To celebrate the rollout, Equator is offering free babyccinos (with purchase of an adult drink). “Our version is warm milk with marshmallow, no cocoa,” says Devorah Freudiger, Equator’s director of retail. “We think it’s just perfect, so we want our little fans to give it a taste, risk free.”

“Many of our Mill Valley families have traveled to Australia and have returned asking for a Babyccinos,” adds Equator co-founder Helen Russell. “We’re excited to make that happen for them.”

The babyccino dates back to Australia and New Zealand in the 1990s, according to Lach Ryan’s story on the drink for the coffee industry blog Sprudge.

“The overall goal of the babyccino is to produce a two-part response sequence from the child in question: first, squeals of delight when the drink is presented; second, a precious moment of peace and quiet while the drink is consumed,” Ryan wrote humorously about babyccinos.

The 411: Equator Coffees unveils the babyccino at its Mill Valley locations starting this weekend, with free babyccinos with the purchase of an adult drink. MORE INFO.

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