Company plans to bring baristas to its stores from all over the world, according to co-founder Helen Russell.
Equator Coffee and Teas will notice yet another new barista at the burgeoning brand’s downtown Mill Valley (2 Miller Ave.) cafe this week.

As part of Equator’s ongoing efforts to connect more deeply with coffee-producing nations around the world, and to bring “producers deeper into the value chain, and in the overall promotion of quality from seed to cup,” according to a recent story in Daily Coffee News, Equator is bringing in Abdullah Al Bahouh, a 26-year-old barista from Kuwait who  graduated with a Bachelor in Accounting, and holds a degree in Master Business Administration.

“We met him though some barista guild connections, and we’re thrilled to have him here,” says Devorah Freudiger, Equator’s director of retail.

“Ever since I had my first sip of filtered black coffee back in 2012, it (coffee) became an integral part of my daily life that enstores happiness and joy,” Al Bahouh says. “Nowadays, we’re at an age were farmers grow amazing coffee cherries, roasters work intensely in achieving  roast profiles and baristas carefully delivering that perfect cup of coffee.”

“Back home, I would love to share the experience of deliverying that great quality of cup of coffee and the art behind preparing it, in which I’d know when they enjoy every time they take a sip out of it,” he continues. “Soccer is my main sport that I love to play regularly. I played 8 years for my university team and I used to play at a club level previously. “

The 411: Equator’s downtown Mill Valley shop is at 2 Miller Avenue.

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