Want to get a completely new way to understand and make sense of their experience of being human?

That’s the promise of the latest event at the Depot Bookstore & Cafe, where author Carl Buchheit is set to speak on Nov. 2 about his latest tome, Transformational NLP: A New Psychology (White Cloud Press), which “is a quantum leap forward in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming” and offers some specific ideas to people about why their current relationships and other communication situations unfold the way they do. In addition, attendees will leave with some simple but amazingly powerful ways to directly change (improve) the feelings that are associated with any experience he or she encounters in daily life, according to the event organizers.

Written with cultural historian Ellie Schamber, Transformational NLP is a synthesis of psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and spirituality, bridging the domains of psychotherapy and coaching. While the practice looks like psychotherapy, it utilizes NLP as well as innovations drawn from quantum physics, psychology, and recent discoveries in neuroscience and systemic constellations.

The 411: Author Carl Buchheit  speaks about Transformational NLP A New Psychology at the Depot Bookstore & Cafe, 87 Throckmorton Ave., on Friday, Nov. 2 at 7pm. Free. MORE INFO.

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