Desta Gallery Nora Bruhn

Muralist Nora Bruhn.

Emebet Korn’s Desta Gallery continues its dedication to showcasing gorgeous art at her gallery at 100 Throckmorton Avenue. 

The latest example is a presentation of “Live Mural Painting with Nora Bruhn” at the gallery, part of their current exhibition, “Capturing the Ephemeral Beauty,” which features paintings by Bruhn and sculptures by Archie Held and Mary Oros. “It is a unique opportunity to witness the transformation of an empty wall into a captivating mural,” Korn says. “Mark your calendars for the upcoming dates: July 8 and 22, from 11am-2pm, and join us on this artistic journey as Bruhn showcases her artistic process in action. Immerse yourself in the creative energy and witness the magic unfold before your eyes.”

In the last three years, Bruhn has painted 60 murals around the United States and Europe, including six murals in Marin County, and won two painting competitions and an art residency at Takt Art Artist Residency, Berlin, Germany.

“For me, a muralist, I view my role as the decision maker, the one who decides what story gets amplified,” Bruhn says. “What piece of life do I find important enough so as to spend hours creating something beyond myself; the devotional act of art making. I think living a good life while I’m here in this body and helping others do the same is invaluable.”

The history of murals can be traced back to ancient times when humans first started expressing themselves through art on walls. In prehistoric caves, early humans painted vivid scenes of  leaving behind a rich legacy of storytelling and visual representation. As civilizations developed, murals gained religious and political significance, adorning temples, palaces, and public spaces.  From the grand frescoes of the Italian Renaissance to the socially charged murals of the Mexican Muralism movement, mural art has evolved, reflecting the changing social, cultural, and political landscapes throughout history. Today, murals continue to thrive as a powerful form of artistic expression, connecting communities, revitalizing urban spaces, and preserving cultural heritage.

About Desta Gallery: Desta Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Mill Valley, California. The  gallery exhibits a diverse range of artwork by emerging and established artists. The gallery’s exhibitions  and programming are specifically designed to cultivate meaningful connections among artists, collectors,  art enthusiasts, and the community at large.


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