CVNL 9/11 Days of Remembrance

It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching the 20th Anniversary of the horrific 9/11 attack, a national disaster that resulted in the single largest loss of life from a foreign attack on American soil. As it is apt to do in these moments, the Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership (CVNL) is turning the remembrance of this tragic event into a moment to actively participate in service projects and educational opportunities.

In partnership with Youth Service America, the “11 Days of Remembrance” series seeks to connect local nonprofits, leaders and volunteers to help them elevate their impact. From September 1-11, individuals can deepen their understanding of the ongoing impact of 9/11 via an array of activities – from creating greeting cards for veterans and making gratitude rocks to sharing their experiences via photos, hashtags, and storytelling along the way.

“Honoring the 20th anniversary of this moment in our nation’s history by serving in your community helps transform 9/11 into a day of unity, empathy, and service,” CVNL Director of Volunteer Services Elaine Tokolahi says. “By participating in 11 Days of Remembrance, we pay tribute to those lost and injured on 9/11/01, and to the many who rose in service in response to the attacks, including first responders, recovery workers, volunteers, and members of our military.”