Coho chef David Kornell, at bottom left, along woth Coho owners Felicia Ferguson and Luigi Petrone, and some of the decor choices they’ve made to date. Much more to come.

Mill Valley is laden with some of the best restaurants in Marin, if not the entire Bay Area.

It’s about to get another gem in the near future.

With Coho, a sustainable, seasonal, seafood-focused concept from Piazza D’Angelo owners Felicia Ferguson and Luigi Petrone, who successfully spearheaded the restaurant they inherited five years ago, they are putting their imprint on something that seeks to add to the array of options in town, specifically a sustainable seafood-focused restaurant named after the salmon that’s indigenous to our region.

With Petrone and Ferguson set to check all the requisite boxes to open in the coming weeks, Coho is set to open in Paul Lazzareschi’s former Vasco space – and Annabelle’s before that – on Throckmorton Ave. at Bernard Street.

“We’re getting closer and are quite excited to focus on conscious California coastal cuisine, emphasizing the sustainability of seafood and the practices of local, regional and global purveyors,” Ferguson says. “We’re emphasizing how the restaurant impacts our environment and being very conscious about that.”

“We felt that there was a need in the community for a dedicated, sustainable seafood restaurant in town,” Ferguson adds. “Paul created a great restaurant over decades, and we hope to build on that success and create a new dining establishment in this amazing community, one that emphasizes the ‘nothing wasted’ mantra and celebrates the whole fish.”

Ferguson says that it was vital to create a physical space that represented the transition and spoke to the visual vibrancy of northern coastal California. To do so, they partnered with Roy Hospitality Design “to design the space for Coho and really integrate the coastal colors – sea greens, dark greens and white oak – all the other colors you envision with the ocean to keep it more on the lighter side.”

To spearhead all that newly focused energy, the owners are bringing in renowned chef David Kornell

A native of Rockland County, New York, Kornell began his career at the young age of 14 at Corner of Italy pizza shop at age 14. As he grew older, Kornell immersed himself into the world of fine dining, including stops at acclaimed restaurants in the Hudson Valley, Ridgefield, Connecticut and immersing himself in the world of French cuisine as Sous Chef at Xavier’s in Piermont, New York. Kornell spent time at a number of ventures in Manhattan and then with the Blue Ribbon restaurant group. After a year-long engagement at the Woodstock Inn in Vermont and other ventures, Kornell founded his own eponymous consulting firm, Kornell Konsutling, which later morphed into GrateFULL Living

As you can likely guess, Kornell is a huge Grateful Dead fan and he found Mill Valley to be a perfect fit as he was relocating to the area to be closer to family. 

“We’re getting closer to getting things completely dialed and we’re really excited to serve our community in a new way,” Ferguson says.


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