The City Council has unanimously voted to place a measure on the November 8th ballot to renew the 29 year-old Municipal Service Tax (MST), which pays for two major City ventures: wildfire prevention and road improvements.

The MST, first approved in 1987 and renewed twice since then, is currently $195 per single family residence. It generates approximately $1.2 million, with approximately $900,000 going toward critical road repairs and the remaining $300,000 funding the Mill Valley Fire Department’s Vegetation Management Program.

The latter is a multi-faceted program that includes massive amounts of brush clearing as well as an app, a web video series, a demonstration garden and an accreditation program for neighborhoods, all designed to incentivize the creation of “defensible space” – that is, between 30 and 100 feet of removed or reduced brush, depending on the type of vegetation, the direction a structure faces and the severity of the slope on which it’s built.

The City Council adopted a resolution to set the new MST rate at $266 per single family residence with an annual adjustment of 2 percent to keep up with inflation.

“The safety of our community and improvement of our infrastructure are our top priorities,” Mayor John McCauley said. “The MST funds our acclaimed fire prevention and vegetation management program. It also provides a major source of locally controlled funding for road repairs. This group of community leaders is providing vital insight into how to continue to provide service in these crucial areas.”

Click here for more info on the City’s Vegetation Management Program and for a full list of its services. And here’s more info on the City’s Street and Sewer Rehabilitation program.

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