Whether you value local businesses’ incredible contributions to the local tax base or simply fear the loss of your favorite restaurant, retail shop, arts & nonprofit organizations and service providers (hopefully all of the above!), it goes without saying that we want to see all businesses and organizations survive this shelter in place order amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

There are a number of ways to support those essential businesses like grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, banks, including restaurants via takeout/delivery, and many non-essential businesses have gone virtual in the meantime. But one way you can help just about any business garner some critically important cash flow is via gift cards/certificates.

Below Is a list of those offering gift cards and gift certificates, and how to get them. If your business isn’t listed below and you sell gift cards/certificates, email us

Restaurants & Grocery Stores


Mountain Home Inn/Pelican Inn. Call 415.381.9000 or email innkeeper@mtnhomeinnn.com. We will mail gift certificates.

Health & Fitness


Arts & Music

​​Cinemark at Sequoia Theatre
Mill Valley Music
. Call 415.389.9090.
Once Around: Call 415.326.5217 with credit card info. We can deliver for free to the customer (in southern Marin) or mail to the customer or another recipient, their choice.
Writers Workshop. Owner Karen Benke is happy to send you gift cards for future workshops. Email her here.

Art, Home & Garden

Bloomingayles. Call 415.298.4047.
MV Flowers. Call 415-388-7781.​
Prevalent Projects. Call 415.888.3257.​
The Rug Establishment. Contact Michael at 415.755.0922 or Michael@therugest.com to purchase gift cards. Gift cards will be emailed to clients for download.​

Apparel & Jewelry

Lulu Designs Jewelry
Makers Market
Margaret O’ Leary
Moonstruck Fine Jewelry. Johanna Becker: “Call or email to purchase, can be picked up by appointment or mail.” 415.383.0462.​
Poet and/the Bench.
Pollen + Wool.
​Proof Lab Surf Shop.

The Edit. 415.713.6456.
The Store. Gift Certificates are available for purchase by phone, by calling owners, Evan 415.847.4147 or Ronnie 415.686.0011. We will deliver to your doorstep or keep on file here until you’re ready to shop.
Sofia Jewelry. Sophie Priolo: “Gift certificates of any amount are available to purchase and we can deliver or mail them with a personal note if requested. Love is not cancelled! :)”
Stick & Ball.
Diamonds in the Rough Consignment. Purchase gift certificates by emailing sibby23@gmail.com and they will be mailed or kept on file at the store.

Consumer & Business Services