Mill Valley resident, former Grateful Dead singer/guitarist and digital music innovator links with four-year-old competitor to the likes of Pandora and Spotify on an initiative called “Artists for Quality,” hoping to improve the sound quality of streaming audio.

On the heels of fellow rock icon Neil Young’s hugely successful Kickstarter campaign to launch Pono, a music download-service and dedicated music player focusing on “high-quality” recorded audio, Mill Valley resident Bob Weir is looking to improve the audio quality of the other major piece of the digital music pie: streaming audio.
Weir, a co-owner of the Sweetwater Music Hall and well known as a digital music innovator with ventures like TRI Studios in San Rafael, appeared on CNBC recently to discuss with his friend and CNBC Squawk Box anchor Steve Liesman his latest campaign, “Artists for Quality.” 
The initiative teams Weir with Rdio, a popular online streaming music service, to raise the audio quality of streaming music, starting with Rdio itself. The company is improving the “bit-rate” of the music it streams to 320 kbps, a move that Rdio says will improve the music-listening experience for its customers without raising the price.
“Our joint mission is to ignite and lead discussions on inequity in streaming audio quality, and to commit to both artists and music fans to establish the highest standard of streaming quality in the digital music space,” Weir and Rdio said in a statement on Rdio’s website.”Through Bob Weir and his network of friends, from music legends to top emerging artists, we are looking forward to working together to ensure that Rdio delivers the best possible audio quality option to both artists and music fans,” Rdio added.

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