In 2017 at the Seager Gray Gallery, the Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center unveiled the then-new Mill Valley logo designed by award-winning graphic designer Michael Schwab and the array of new merchandise bearing that logo.

“The most important thing that we wanted to capture was the emotion and the pride that we feel living in this community,” Chamber Board Member Kathryn Olson says. “Every time you tell someone you live here there is so much pride, and we’re so privileged to call this place home. Michael has this unbelievable ability to capture a place, and he’s really done that here.”

Since that time, friends, family, neighbors and visitors who love Mill Valley have popped into our downtown Visitor Center and clicked their way to our Enjoy Mill Valley Store to buy the gorgeous felt totes, embossed journals, stainless steel water bottles, baseball caps and gorgeous prints, framed and unframed and in two sizes, all bearing the incredible logo Schwab created.

To celebrate the holidays, we’re serving up a 20 percent discount through Dec. 31 on all of our merch bearing the Schwab logo, providing our community with the opportunity to spread the joy Mill Valley with their holiday gifts. That discount amounts to getting the gorgeous, framed large Mill Valley prints for $240 instead of $300, the Felt Totes for $32 instead of $40 and stainless steel water bottles for $28 instead of $35 and the unframed prints for $80 instead of $100.

​The Enjoy Mill Valley Store is all about supporting our wonderful community, so all proceeds raised go directly back into promoting our town and making it the vibrant, gorgeous place we all love. All orders must be picked up at the Visitor Center in the Downtown Plaza, Tue.-Sat., 10am-4pm.