At a Dec. 2 awards ceremony at the Community Center, the Mill Valley Arts Commission honored the winners of the 16th Annual Click Off Photography Competition. The winning photos are on display in the lobby of the Community Center during the month of December.

The Click Off is a digital photo contest sponsored by the Mill Valley Arts Commission and local photo hub The Image Flow. Each participant drew one of five subject categories from a hat. The categories highlighted Marin’s unique characteristics and subsequently revealed each photographer’s perspective. Between November 5-19, contestants took an image that they believed best represented their subject category and received coaching from The Image Flow photographers. Cameras of all kinds were used, including cell phones. 

The jury included Ed Carey, Commercial Photographer and Owner of Gallery 291, Rudi Dundas, Fine Art Photographer and Leanne Hansen, Fine Art Photographer and Past Click Off Participant.

Among the winners, George Traugh’s photo on the Depot Plaza won Unusual Beauty Second Place and the overall Best of Show, while Isabelle Lagier’s photo of the Dipsea Steps won for both Historic Mill Valley First Place and Best of Youth.

Category: Abstract 
First Place: Lilja Klempan 
Second Place: Annie Winship-Bates 
Third Place: Jon Curtis 
Honorable Mention: Jim McCann

Category: Edges 
First Place: Chloe Lagier 
Second Place: Joan Bullen 
Third Place: Jeff Harband 
Honorable Mention: Dolores McCarthy

Category: Unusual Beauty 
First Place: Phil Shaw 
Second Place & Best in Show: George Traugh 
Third Place: Audrey Kral 
Honorable Mention: Bob Begley

Category: Change 
First Place: Alison Hoffman 
Second Place: Michael Sereda 
Third Place: Merrill Mack 
Honorable Mention: Henrik Paul

Category: Historic Mill Valley 
First Place & Best of Youth: Isabelle Lagier 
Second Place: Joan Moir 
Third Place: Sam Levy 
Honorable Mention: Otto Ryersen

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