Dear Friends and Client Family,

I’ll be blunt: I am in a fight for the very life of my shop and my life in Mill Valley. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis that has ravaged our economy and impacted businesses throughout our community, I haven’t been able to pay all of my rent. 

By most standards, I have given my landlords a very fair offer that would allow me to keep my shop open through this incredibly difficult period, but they are asking more than I can afford at this time.

I have been served with an Eviction Notice. I truly need the help of my Mill Valley community and beyond to survive, and I strongly believe that shut down of my store would have a much broader impact on our community than just the loss of what, in my humble opinion, is one of the best clothing shops in Marin. 

As the producer of the annual Mill Valley Community Block Party to benefit Kiddo!, as well as one of the organizers of the annual Mill Valley Memorial Day Parade and the post-parade Concert on the Green I have deeply invested in the vibrancy of this community for decades. I don’t want that to change.

Many of you who have heard about my struggles have asked what you can do.

My answer is simple: “My life in Mill Valley has been a blessing, to be part of this amazing community a gift, but I need your help. It all boils down to money, raising much needed funds is the only answer.”

The first way to help me: Come shop at Famous 4!

The second way is my version of GoFundMe. It works the same without having to give that organization a 3% commission. Donations get to me immediately instead of the long and much publicized delays they’ve been having.

I have PayPal and Venmo accounts set up. You can donate directly to me via PayPal at famous4@comcast.net and Venmo at 415-388-2550. You can also purchase Famous4 gift certificates that way as well.

I hate to have to ask for your support, as I know that so many of us are going through the worst of times right now. But anything you can do will be beyond greatly appreciated. 

I will be staying open while I fight to stay in business. Staying is my best choice right now. 

Please share this message with others.

Thanks everyone for giving me the opportunity for the past 32 years to be of service in my community.

Larry the Hat – Famous4

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