The quintessential workers who keep Mill Valley going.
From world famous musicians to the workers who are the backbone of Mill Valley, the late local photographer Suki Hill documented the famous and the overlooked.
We all got a much-needed, striking reminder of the importance of those in the latter category during the COVID-19 crisis, and we’d be wise not to forget it. We are a community largely immersed in affluence and comfort, and we are richer for the work ethic, diversity and perseverance of the beating heart of Mill Valley.
Hill, a 2007 Milley recipient, took the photos below in the early 2010s as part of her “Mill Valley at Work” series featuring workers at places like Mill Valley Market. Hill made a name for herself in the heyday of the Bay Area’s thriving music scene, snapping classic shots of the likes of the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan. She passed away in 2014.
​We honor her commitment to local frontline workers with this photo essay. You’ll recognize many of these fine faces.
You’ll find these photos and an array of other inspiring, practical content, from bits of wisdom to recipes and events (some day soon, we hope), in our 2020-21 EMV Guide, which appears within the August 2020 issue of Marin Magazine.