By Susan Lopes
Skip the click! Supporting local businesses not only feels good. It also means you’re putting your money back into the local economy, and you’re making health and sustainability a priority, as the products on these pages show.
Reclaimed Wood Bowl
Local artist John Cobb turns fallen logs into treasures. Using reclaimed wood from arborist wood piles, he creates gorgeous one-of-a-kind hollow forms, bowls and vessels. At Terrestra. 30 Miller.
Rouge Bowl
Feed your belly at BŌL Superfood Café, a sister-run vegan cafe. Artfully balanced bowls, bites & bevys feature superfoods like acai, activated charcoal, blue algae and spirulina to name a few. 129 Miller Ave.
Kudd:krig Decor
Add dimension and a cool desert vibe to your home with sustainably designed textile wall-hangings, pillows and blankets. Ethically sourced and handmade. At Poet and/the Bench. 11 Throckmorton.
Herb & Veggie Starts
Everyone can grow their own groceries with organic, locally-grown herb and vegetable starts. At any time of year, our local climate is ideal for planting edibles from A to Z (Artichokes to Zucchini). At Sloat Garden Center. 401 Miller & 657 East Blithedale.
Specialized E-Bike
Here are 4 reasons why there’s no better way to commute or get around town: Reduce your carbon emissions, get fit, increase your happiness level, decrease your stress, all while riding on big comfy tires and getting 40+ mile range. Have fun riding around the traffic! At Tam Bikes. 357 Miller.
French Rolling Pins
Hand turned and shaped from solid blocks of reclaimed hardwood, the beauty and craftsmanship of these French rolling pins makes them worthy of display. They’re usable art, so roll out the pizza & pasta – beauty you can put to use. At Prevalent Projects. 61 Throckmorton Ave,
Let’s Gather
Two neighborhoods, two gathering places: Mill Valley Lumber Yard (129 Miller), a restored historic landmark in downtown & Good Earth Natural Foods (201 Flamingo), a newer organic centric Tam Valley hub. Both epitomize community and clean, healthy living. Outdoors or in, these are the places to be – to socialize and enjoy the beauty that’s everywhere in our town.
Biodegradable Baking Molds
From France to Brooklyn to Mill Valley, these 100% biodegradable Panibois wood baking molds are perfect for gifting your homemade baked goods. From Challah to Adventure Bread, bake your best! At Brooklyn. 29 Miller.
Ben Moore Natura Paints
There’s no simpler way to add beauty to your home than a fresh coast of paint. Environmentally friendly paints – zero Volatile Organic Compounds, zero emissions and no harsh fumes – come in some of the trendiest shades, from vibrant Coral to Hunter Green. At Tam Paint & Color. 338 Miller.
Blaze a New Trail
Run, hike or walk on and around Mt. Tam in the most comfortable and up-to-the-minute trail and road shoes from SF Running Company. All kinds of clothing and accessories too, for function and to look and feel good. At SF Running Co. 247 Shoreline Hwy.

Guided Vedic Meditation
Ready to reduce stress and feel better? Master-trained Hunter Cressman of The Modern Mind makes meditation easy and effective right from the start. His personalized instruction is natural and the benefits come quickly.

Drought Tolerant Plants
No need for a plant sitter with interior plants like Snake Sansevieria. Or Aloe Vera, a succulent that is not only healthy for our thirsty planet but contains therapeutic antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Hassle free and can go up to a month without water. At Green Door Design. 219 Flamingo.