Less than 18 months after it opened, Weezy’s Grass Fed Shed has closed its restaurant at 507 Miller Ave., a location that has seen a trio of much-ballyhooed restaurants come and go in the past four years. Weezy’s has also closed its once-popular location in Terra Linda.

Mike House, whose House Properties in 2009 built the Tamalpais Commons mixed-use project at 505 Miller that includes the restaurant space, says he’s exploring options for the space, but that another restaurant is unlikely. The complex includes 10 single-family homes, three live/work spaces, three residential condos, and a pair of retail spaces on either side of the former Weezy’s space – currently occupied by Yolo Yogurt Lounge and ToyHouse Mill Valley.

“A restaurant is very hard on the building – it’s a very intense use,” House says. “We’re going to listen to those who are interested, but it makes sense for us to get a less intense use in there.”

House says it’s hard to “get a clear reason why Weezy’s didn’t work” there, particularly because Louise Clow-Birkenseer’s burger joint had success in Terra Linda. Clow-Birkenseer could not be reached for comment.

The likely end of the run of restaurants at 507 Miller comes despite plenty of well-pedigreed attempts to make it work. The first eatery in the space, Dish, boasted Bungalow 44 and Buckeye Roadhouse restaurateur Peter Schumacher as both an investor and manager. It closed in September 2011, with House and property co-owner Rick Ronald bringing in local celebrity chef Tyler Florence to refocus and reposition the space into Hawk’s Tavern, which opened in December 2011.

But despite a concept and menu developed by a bonafide star chef, Hawk’s Tavern lasted just 11 months, with Ronald saying it was “pure economics,” with the restaurant losing too much money. House says they then decided to go the owner-operator route, particularly since Weezy’s had a great track record in Terra Linda. Weezy’s opened at 507 Miller in June 2013.

“But I guess it’s three strikes and you’re out” of the restaurant business, House says.

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