By Susan Lopes

Holiday shopping? Skip the traffic and the schlep. Before hitting the big box stores, here’s a reminder: you don’t need to go beyond the 94941 for amazing gift options. Our favorites below have at least one of the following elements in common – simple, thoughtful, beautiful, healthy and delicious – in concept, design and use. They’ll all make you feel good in some way. #ShopMV!

Food for the Soul
From Chicken Soup that’s “better than mom’s” to the Butternut Squash soup, organic housemade soups from Good Earth Natural Foods come in reusable, quart-sized glass mason jars. They’re as earth-friendly as they are delicious.
Casual Luxury
Handmade in the highlands of Peru, this reversible knit collar poncho from Stick & Ball is lightweight, silky soft and warm. Perfect over leather pants, denim or a skirt, it will add flair to any outfit. This stylish accessory is versatile and timeless.


Time Keeps on Slipping
Why are New Year’s resolutions so popular? Because each passing year reminds us to seize the one in front of us. “nous sommes simplement le passage de temps” is etched on Jaz Graf’s 7“ x 5” letter-pressed porcelain panels with steel brackets. Translation: “we are only here for a moment’s time. Find these beautiful, simple pieces of wall art at Seager Gray

Inspiration Point
A thoughtful series of words can help start your day on a positive note or incite meaningful conversation. Sold at The Goods, these handcrafted 365 Gathered Truths paper cards – one for each day of the year – deliver.
Rock of Ages
Whether you’re a music junkie looking for something special or you need help finding the right tunes for that special someone, Mill Valley Music has you covered. From classic, career-spanning boxed sets above to used, new, vintage and collectible, they’ve got it all.
Napkin Neutrality
FarmHouseUrban’s Belgian Linen Napkins are made of ultra-soft Belgian linen and have frayed edges. Sets of four 10-inch squares, they have a casual elegance that’ll work with any color scheme for any occasion.
Flirty Yet Comfy
These Adella Bralettes from Branded Boutique will spice up your black dress or everyday clothes. Romantic but easy with adjustable skinny straps and a pull-on design, they come in rich jewel-tone colors with different crochet lace patterns.
Move Well, Live Well
Need to get your body on track? Pilates and Gyrotonic sessions at women-owned FitWise Pilates can help reverse computer posture, gain optimal strength and balance, prevent injuries and rehab chronic injuries. Bonus: the kindest, most caring level of master level movement specialists around.
Channel Your Inner Joan of Arc
For men and women, Joan of Artware’s magnet leather and silver bracelets seek to inspire and serve as a reminder of life’s possibilities. Sold in an array of colors, styles and sizes at Maker Market – an easy option for those hard-to-buy-for people on your list.
Down to Earth
Botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward made the first ever terrarium by accident in 1842. You can do so on purpose at Pollen + Wool’s on-site DIY workspace or pick out one of their beautifully pre-made ones. The downtown shop sums it up: “It is the beauty in the simple, the raw, the elemental.”
Be Good to Yourself
Tend to overindulge over the holidays? No worries. To stay healthy and happy this winter, check out B12 LOVE’s Happy Hour for a homeopathic cold+flu shot, an energy boost or a mood-enhancing Vitamin D injection. Services cover immune support, clearer skin, better sleep or improved workout recovery.
Stay One Steep Ahead
We’re loving Tea Fountain’s new Pineapple Ginger tea, herb infused and particularly beneficial to women, and the hand-crafted flowering tea “buttons” that are packaged individually within a decorative box. It all makes for one gorgeous gift.