Due to the continued inability to host large gatherings as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, organizers of the Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival canceled the event in June for the first time in its 64-year history. 

Organizers have said that while they are disappointed, they remain undeterred and full of resolve about the power of the arts in Mill Valley and beyond. “During this period of uncertainly and cancelled arts events, we are looking for ways to contribute to the community well-being and to keep the MVFAF flame burning until we return in 2021,” says MVFAF Executive Director Steve Bajor. “Through our months of quarantine, we feel that the community has a greater need for some artistic inspiration than ever before.”

To that end, Bajor and the MVFAF team have come up with a pair of ventures in September that seek to both engage the community creatively and support the festival’s return in 2021. 
MVFAF garnered approval earlier this month from MV Parks & Recreation Commission to create a display of ceramic wind chimes and outdoor art – the widely recognized lanterns that grace the Redwood grove at Old Mill Park during MVFAF each year – that will hang in the downtown Plaza for the community to enjoy between September 18-20, the three days that the Festival had been scheduled to take place for 2020.

With the display, MVFAF organizers seek to “provide enjoyment, beauty and inspiration via both sound and light. The chimes and lanterns will be hung from a cable running between the plaza lamp posts, and the Wind Chimes will be hand made by members of the festival committee, festival board and students from Tamalpais High School.

Second, MVFAF organizers are working with the Mill Valley Chamber to have small displays of artwork created by local artists that would have shown their work at MVFAF instead showcase that work in downtown storefronts. Participating merchants will be able to select the type of artwork and number of pieces that is compatible with their space. The displays will have the contact information for the artist and some information about the MVFAF.

Businesses interested in participating can email festival committee member Tina Fossella: tfossella@gmail.com

Many of the participating artists have agreed to donate 20 percent of sales to the MVFAF.
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