Ed Kashi’s photos, from top left to bottom right, will be shown at The Image Flow in San Anselmo, at bottom left.

Internationally recognized street photographer and photojournalist Ed Kashi, whose groundbreaking and compelling photographs and films have made him one of the most celebrated and renowned multimedia photographers of our generation, is coming to Marin.

Kashi is coming to Marin to teach a photography workshop at The Image Flow in San Anselmo from January 17 – January 28, with a lecture on his latest award-winning monograph on January 7, 2023. Kashi’s arrival in Marin will come on the heels of the global coverage of the health impacts of heat stress on workers in an increasingly hotter planet, which Kashi documented for Time magazine by focusing on the flow of laborers from countries like Nepal to Qatar, ahead of the upcoming World Cup. Qatar’s 2 million foreign workforce makes up more than two-thirds of its population, with many workers originating from Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. 

Kashi has also documented and photographed topics as diverse as the impact of oil in Nigeria, the protestant community in Northern Ireland, the lives of Jewish settlers in the West Bank, climate change, the plight of Syrian refugees, the global epidemic of chronic kidney disease among agricultural workers and the impact of an aging society through his project Aging in America.

Kashi’s innovative approaches to visual storytelling has led to assignments with organizations and publications such as National Geographic, Open Society Foundations, The New Yorker, MSNBC, Fortune, Human Rights Watch, International Medical Corps, NBC.com, The New York Times Magazine, Geo Magazine, Oxfam and TIME.

Kashi’s latest book release, Abandoned Moments: A Love Letter to Photography, illustrates the concept of momentary surrender in photography — the abandoned moment. In contrast to the orchestration of the decisive moment, this volume honors the intuition Kashi has gained over his 40-year career, and is a tribute to the electricity captured when he has yielded his camera to the experiences of reality around him. Kashi received multiple awards for Abandoned Moments: A Love Letter to Photography, including the 2022 International Photography Awards Best Monograph of the Year and Book Photographer of the Year. Kashi also won PX3 2022 Gold.

“If the decisive moment reflects reality in tune with the photographer’s intuition, flawlessly combining composition and timing, then the abandoned moment is the consequence of a fractional instant of surrender. This collection reveals imprecise glimpses of transitory events filed with frenetic energy — the chaos of everyday life. Embodying photography’s intrinsic power, they preserve moments that can never occur again in exactly the same time and space.” — Ed Kashi


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