Bipartisanship in Washington, D.C., is seemingly an endangered species.

But there’s one thing that top Democratic and Republican party donors seem to agree on: their love for solar power. According to data compiled by Oakland-based PowerScout of the 1.5 million rooftops in the top 20 solar markets nationwide, Democratic and Republican party donors installed residential solar systems at roughly equal rates – 3.06 percent of Democratic donors and 2.24 percent of Republicans, respectively.

Using proprietary data w/ machine learning and image recognition, the study has garnered widespread attention from the Wall Street Journal and Quartz in recent weeks, largely due to its findings that support the theory that Republican voters actually want more support of renewable energy over fossil fuels, and are willing to spend to make it happen.

PowerScout, for whom Mill Valley resident Chris Bailey serves as chief financial officer, is a marketplace where consumers can shop for the best local solar providers. HERE’S THE FULL STUDY.

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