PicturePoet and/the Bench’s Art-Full Conversation Nov. 14 pairs chef Antonio Candelario of De La Terra Kitchen with artist Jeffrey Palladini. Courtesy images.

Poet and/the Bench, the four-year-old lifestyle store and jewelry atelier space from Jeffrey Levin and Bonnie Powers – and “Best Gifts” winners in Marin Magazine’s 2019 Best of the County issue – continues its run of hosting innovative, thought-provoking events with a gathering that combines art and food in the spirit of sparking dialogue.

The “Art-Full Conversation,” set for Thursday, Nov. 14 at 7pm, is the first of a series that pairs Chef Antonio Candelario of De La Terra Kitchen with one of the artists whose work is on display at the shop at the 11 Throckmorton Avenue space, in this case artist Jeffrey Palladini. The couple says the event centers around a “chat over a communal dinner where the convergence of food culture, art and inspiration meet. We have always envisioned Poet and/the Bench to be a gathering place for lively dialogue, discovery and appreciation of artistic expression. This series broadens our mission through an amplified culinary experience.”

Under the theme “Encountering the Unexpected,” the event Is “in the spirit of the traditional Souk, where wandering the mazes of a marketplace brings surprises around every corner” as part of  “a thematic, regionally influenced menu,” including five courses that are seafood and vegetarian forward.

Candelario specializes in modern Mediterranean soul food, and his research and experimentation on different cultures and their culinary heritage have taken him all over the world seeking out foods and flavor, from his Caribbean roots to a love of North African cuisine and many cultures in between. In Palladini’s latest thesis, Thread Series, the random looping and twisting patterns of a dropped length of twine are a seductive metaphor for the way we get from our aims and dreams to the outcomes. “The more you try to exert control the random creeps in, [and] it turns out that the more you try to represent the random the more control creeps in,” Palladini says.

A few seats remain for the limited seating event. 

The 411: Poet and/the Bench continues its run of hosting innovative, thought-provoking events with “Art-Full Conversation,” set for Thursday, Nov. 14 at 7pm, featuring Chef Antonio Candelario of De La Terra Kitchen and artist Jeffrey Palladini. 11 Throckmorton Avenue. Tix $145. MORE INFO & TIX