Much like the duo that preceded them at 23 Sunnyside Ave., art industry veterans have teamed up for a downtown Mill Valley art gallery; they’re showing off a range of urban and contemporary art at First Tuesday Artwalk, and at a Farmshop-catered grand opening event on Friday, Oct. 10.

The game of musical chairs at 108 Throckmorton Ave. has had at least one auspicious outcome for local art lovers: yet another emerging gallery downtown.

On the heels of the Seager Gray Gallery, which moved to 108 Throckmorton Ave. in September, becoming the fifth business there in the past two years, Julie Zener and Tara Schon have opened the Zener Schon Contemporary Art gallery in Seager Gray’s former space at 23 Sunnyside Avenue.

The gallery, which focuses on urban and contemporary art, is showcasing the work of eight artists at the First Tuesday Artwalk, set for Oct. 7 from 6–8pm at venues all around town (click here to access the guide to those venues and artists). They’re also hosting a Grand Opening Event, catered by Farmshop, on Friday, Oct. 10, from 6–9pm.

“We’re both working moms and we’re really excited to be opening our gallery here in downtown Mill Valley,” Zener says. “As we were looking for spaces, we decided that this space was a perfect fit for us – it’s a really modern space to complement the work we’ll be showing.”

Zener, who has been in the art industry since 1997 as a gallery owner, dealer, curator and manager, moved in 2005 to Mill Valley, where she lives with her three kids. She co-founded Zener Art Group, solely managing the collection of Eric Zener paintings, and in 2012, she started working with the Red Bull Canvas Cooler Project, curating emerging artists.

It was through the Red Bull project that Zener connected with Schon, who has been entrenched in the world of art and design both in the U.S. and abroad for 19 years. Schon, who lives in San Rafael with her husband and two kids, became a curator and director for artist coordination for the Red Bull Canvas Cooler Project in 2013, and partnered with Zener on Zener Schon Contemporary Art later that year.

“It’s definitely a reflection of both our aesthetics – we jointly curate our artists and our shows,” Zener says.

The 411: Zener Schon Contemporary Art gallery is at 23 Sunnyside Avenue. They are currently exhibiting work from a number of artists, including Eric Zener, James Rizzi, Ashleigh Sumner, Ian Ross, 2wenty, Dan Monteavaro, Leigh Beisch and Paige Smith. First Tuesday Artwalk is Oct. 7 from 6–8pm, and Zener Schon’s Grand Opening is Friday. Oct. 10 from 6–9pm. Click here for more info.

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