For years now, Murphy Productions, the outfit firm from Daniel Patrick and Erma Murphy, has been hosting Sunday Salons – potluck-style meals that have attendees performing music, poetry, dance, storytelling and much more – at O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, where Murphy serves as executive director.

The multi-faceted gatherings battled through the turbulence of the Covid-19 crisis and marched on with a return to in-person salons.

They’re back at it again on Sunday, October 29th at O’Hanlon to “Celebrate the Brevity of Life, Honoring those who have passed and Embracing Change,” according to the organizers.

Gather at 4pm. Show at 5pm. $15.

Doors open open at 4:30pm. Show begins at 5pm. $15.

Expect music, poetry, storytelling, videos and much more.

Bring photos and memorabilia for the Day of the Dead Altar.



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