Throughout the summer and fall of 2020, the Miller and Throckmorton Ave. street closures were an undisputed success, with the “rising tide lifts all boats” mantra drawing rave reviews from neighboring businesses and infusing the community with an appropriate degree of vitality amidst the COVID-19 crisis. 

As we look to continue the Miller closure and the partial closure of Bernard St. outside Vasco restaurant, we also are mindful of maintaining traffic flow and access and working with the City of Mill Valley on strategies to ensure ease and enjoyment of downtown for everyone.

That includes not blocking off the street when it can’t be used by our local restaurants and shops due to inclement weather. The forecast weekend calls for patchy rain until Sunday, so we’re pausing the closure Feb. 11-13 and reopening Sunday with an all-day Valentine’s Day soiree, with Equator Coffee open 7am-5pm and Piazza D’Angelo and Gravity Tavern both open 12-8pm.

To make shopping as convenient as possible, the City is exploring a slight reconfiguration of the Miller closure to free up additional parking and add a lane for outbound traffic.

Before and after your beverage and/or meal, we encourage you to visit the amazing array of retails shops throughout downtown!


We’re posting these signs around town to highlight ample available parking: