When Scott Rubin opened his Mathnasium Mill Valley tutoring center in 2012, he drew on his career as a financial analyst on Wall Street and his desire to pass on his love of math to kids in his newly adopted hometown.

Just four years later, Rubin has returned from the 12th Annual Mathnasium Convention in Dallas, Texas, with plaques and trophies in hand to mark his Mathnasium garnering the second-highest revenue among 700 Mathnasium franchises in the United States.

“When I left NYC to start a new career, I could not have imagined how fulfilling owning a Mathnasium would be,” Rubin says. “It has given me the opportunity to be a positive influence on the lives of so many children. They, in turn, have made a profound impact on my own life. My wife and I are grateful that Mathnasium has provided us the experience of getting to know so many young lives. My favorite part of the day, is being greeted by kids as they come in with big smiles on their faces and full of stories and jokes to share with me. I feel so fortunate to love my work and look forward to each day at Mathnasium.”

Rubin, who spent several years on Wall Street, says that his Mathnasium has grown consistently since he opened it four years ago, and he credits the communities in Mill Valley, Tiburon, Corte Madera and the surrounding areas his its success.

“They’ve been so welcoming and supportive of the business, and continue to be,” he says. “It’s been great.”

Rubin says that he teaches math to kids in a way that make sense to them, designing a learning plan that is unique to each child based on an initial assessment.

“Children learn to speak as if by magic and with little or no apparent effort on anyone’s part, largely because they are immersed in a sea of oral language from the very first day,” Rubin says. “Math can be learned in very much the same way.”

The 411: Mathnasium Mill Valley is open 7 days a week. Hours vary. More info

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