As part of our EMV Films series highlighting some of the myriad creative businesses, organizations and people in Mill Valley, we’re spotlighting the amazing network of health and fitness-oriented businesses in Mill Valley, particularly Fitwise Pilates, SF Running Co. and Body Kinetics Health Club. We’ll be highlighting more businesses, nonprofits and arts organizations throughout 2020!

Every month offers an chance to get your body right. But the dawn of a new year tends to inject a shot of inspiration to most of us looking to shed a few pounds, recapture the zest for exercise or set a new personal best in your sport of choice. Few Bay Area towns have more businesses per capita equipped to help you do so than Mill Valley, and we’re highlighting three of them here. 

Ronda Priestner, founder of Fitwise Pilates in downtown Mill Valley, gets us started off with a quote from Joseph Pilates: “physical fitness is the first prerequisite of happiness.” She adds her own belief “that pilates helps you to articulate your spine and when your spine is flexible, you are young.”

We then meet Jorge Maravilla, one of the founders of SF Running Co. in Tam Junction and a winner of the San Francisco Marathon, who says he discovered running in his youth “as this huge movement that allowed me to feel free and be a part of something.”

Body Kinetics Trainer Lisa Schuller then bursts onto the screen with a bounty of verve, saying that “exercise absolutely will change your life.” “I believe in health and wellness, and I believe that the addition of music and the camaraderie of the group is fun and it is magic,” she adds. 

Video by Summertime Films, commissioned by the Mill Valley Chamber. Thanks to Norm Hunter and his team. Many more films to come showcasing the boundless innovation, community vitality and entrepreneurial spirit of Mill Valley.