Mill Valley resident Jesse Roselin’s Tutor Corps, which provides tutoring in all K-12 subjects, has continued to grow and evolve in recent years. In 2019, the company launched Pacific Preparatory, an in-home, one-to-one, K-12 private school that promises an engaging one-on-one academic experience with flexible curriculum and scheduling.

Now Roselin Is set to bolster the legions of Mill Valley parents who have found themselves to be default homeschool teachers amidst the shelter in place order, now in effect through May 1, brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak. Pacific Preparatory is hosting a Parent Webinar Thursday at 2pm on April 2. 

You were a busy parent before COVID-19,” says Roselin. “Now, on top of everything, you’re also expected to homeschool. Thankfully, you’re not alone. This free webinar will provide you with plenty of ideas on how to set up a successful and sustainable homeschooling plan from our experts at Pacific Preparatory, a one-on-one school that has been helping parents structure homeschool programs for nearly two decades.”

Roselin says the webinar will address questions such as: “How many hours of instruction per day does my child really need?” and “How do I make a Zoom meeting an effective learning experience for my elementary-aged kids?” In addition to providing ideas for both physical and digital resources, the webinar will also provide sample schedules for busy households with working parents and multiple children that emphasize sustainability and self-care. 


If you’re unable to attend, register anyway and Roselin says they’ll send you the video afterwards, plus a complimentary “wishlist” of items to order for supporting academics at home.

​Here’s a quick (1 min) promotional video with more information. We also have a longer (20 min) Open House video available with more detailed information available about our curriculum and offerings. I have also included a short paragraph below my signature to summarize our offerings.

Here’s a short video with more info: