Five years ago, with a surfeit of things to do as she frenetically readied the launch of her new store Once Around, Julie Stanton’s process of crafting a logo to visually represent her creation was pretty simple.

“Choosing a font and putting a symbol with it,” she says with a laugh.

Now established as THE go-to spot for all manner of creative spirits in Marin, Once Around has a new logo that, as Stanton sees it, perfectly captures its energy.

“As my husband said, ‘It looks like the junk drawer – but like the best possible drawer – and that’s kind of what the store is,” she says.

Given how much craftiness Stanton and her team cram into their space at 352 Miller Avenue, what exactly the store is can be hard to describe with brevity. The inventory covers what you’ll need for felting, stamping, book-binding, sewing, fabric-painting, wreath-making, embossing, scrapbooking, decoupage, candle-crafting, soap-pouring, glitter, embroidery, knitting … and, well, the list is seemingly infinite.

Though Stanton was once opposed to the idea, Once Around also hosts craft workshops “almost every night of the week.” That includes Thursday’s free Knit Night, launched in 2011 and still going strong. It’s a “weekly gathering of stitch enthusiasts” with the tagline: Stymied by socks? Knitting newbie? Or just looking for some crafty comrades? Come to Knit Night and we’ll get it all untangled.”

The new logo was designed by Bliss and Tell Branding Company, a Carlsbad Village-based outfit that inspired Stanton “for the first time to even think about working with someone else on a logo,” she says. “I just love everything they’ve done.”

The new logo has given Stanton a chance to reflect on her five-year journey with Once Around. “I’m not a business person, so I didn’t really have any expectations of what this would become. But, I don’t know, we’re just really busy.”

Whether it’s knitters from the Redwoods or the droves of kids who arrive needing the tools for their DNA projects or Ocean Hats, a community has developed around the store. And while Stanton “was not at all happy” when Ideal Stationers in Strawberry closed, thing picked up after it did, both in terms of shoppers and workshop attendees.

“It’s been just recently where I’ve said to myself, ‘Oh yea, maybe this could be a thing,” Stanton says. “Maybe this can go on for a bit. I’m really happy with it. We’re going to keep polishing this little gem we have.”

The 411:  Once Around is open Monday–Saturday, 10–6pm, at 352 Miller Avenue. More info.

Mill Valley craft shop runs the gamut from sewing and book-binding to fabric-painting and scrapbooking, and much more.

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