The following is from Laughing Glass Cocktails co-founder Carey Clahan, a list of cheese pairings entirely inspired from Whole Foods Market Blithedale.


Wine and cheese have been paired together forever, and believe me, there’s no one who appreciates a beautiful triple cream brie with a luxurious champagne as much as I do. I’m drooling just thinking about it! But don’t you think we can modernize just a smidge? Isn’t it time to get a little more daring with your pairings? Of course it is! And with all the opportunities to celebrate coming up, we knew it was the perfect time to enlist our buddies over at our local market to find the perfect twist – cheese pairings with the Laughing Glass original margarita.
We have categorized the cheese by country and offered a little bit about why it works.
Spain: Manchego 12 Month Raw
Why this works: A mouthwatering margarita delectably balances the salty richness of the aged, hard cheese, and plays up its sweet/nutty characteristics. Our margarita is also well known to play up the sweet/nutty characteristics of your party guests, so there you go, perfect match!
Spain: Drunken Goat
Why it works: First of all, can we talk about the name? Is this cheese a booze company’s best friend? Drunken Goat is one of those magical cheeses that can go with just about anything. Its flavor is sweet, with a goaty creaminess, which makes it pair well with a slew of alcoholic beverages. Delicious disaster-proof party fare.
Italy: Taleggio
Why this works: the creamy cheese has a thin crust and a strong aroma, but its flavor is comparatively mild. Goes nicely with the bold, earthy structure of tequila, and makes you feel like you’re on a picnic in a field of grass in the Italian countryside.
Holland: Midnight Moon Goat Gouda
Why this works: Easy-to-drink Laughing Glass contrasts beautifully with this smooth, dense cheese. There is a slight crunch of protein crystals to match the lightly carbonated margarita. Tip of the day: Try making a decadent grilled cheese appetizer with this one. Yum!
Multi-national: Any double or triple cream from Mt. Tam, Daffinois, Delice D’Argental, etc.
Why these work: “Bloomy” is how the cheese guys say it. These soft, luxurious brie-like delights match perfectly with everything, as far as I’m concerned. Can I spread brie on my life? Especially nice with the crisp, sparkle of limey margaritas.
The spicy twist! Hard, crumbly jalepeno cheddar
Why it works: Well, c’mon! Spicy, salty, jalepeno-infused sharp cheddar? The thought alone is making me want to knock back a refreshing margarita. This cheese is a surprise, a conversation starter, and just plain fun.
So think of what we’ve got on the horizon here just in February alone: Superbowl 50, Valentine’s Day, and National Margarita Day (yes, it is a thing, it is on February 22, brace yourselves). Instead of inviting friends over for traditional hors d’oeuvres (and having to race around the kitchen preparing a bunch of different choices), why not build a get-together around a few great cheeses paired with Laughing Glass Margaritas? From an entertaining standpoint: delicious, simple, brilliant.
Need me? I’ll be over here by the cheese…!

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