Eileen Fisher, at left, and the interior of her Mill Valley store at 149 Throckmorton Avenue.


​For more than three decades, sustainability has been among the goals of businesses across an array of industries, particularly among those businesses looking to reduce the impact their manufacturing process has on the environment.

And while legions of businesses have co-opted the sustainability tagline for marketing purposes, those on its leading edge acknowledge the fact that it is a long journey requiring hard work and a vision to attain it. Count among those Eileen Fisher, the eponymous women’s clothing brand – with a 10-year-old store at 149 Throckmorton in downtown Mill Valley – founded by Fisher in 1984 with $350 in startup money.

With that in mind, the store has taken measures to bolster its Eileen Fisher Renew program, which was previously known as “Green Eileen.” The programs calls for the brand to take back and recycles used Eileen Fisher items, giving customers $5 credit for each item they bring in. The company says it has resold tends of thousands of these garments, keeping them out of landfill.

From Feb. 14-23, Eileen Fisher’s Mill Valley shop is selling one-of a kind pieces from its Renew program.

Renew is part of the brand’s Vision2020 campaign, in which it pledges to make all of its products environmentally sustainable by the end of 2020, to make its U.S. operations not just carbon neutral but carbon positive within five years, to help reverse the trend of fashion over-consumption, to build supply chains that manufacture responsibly and to adhere to fair labor practices and reach out to other fashion labels to create demand for non-toxic dyes as an industry norm.

The 411: ​Eileen Fisher‘s eponymous women’s clothing brand, specifically its store at 149 Throckmorton in downtown Mill Valley, is selling one-of a kind pieces from its Renew program from Feb. 14-23. MORE INFO.

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