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Tired of long commutes? Want to live where you work? Home Match can help! Home Match is a shared  housing program in partnership with the City of Mill Valley and the “House Mill Valley Initiative” that improves lives and communities by bringing people together to share homes.  

Covia, a Front Porch partner based in Walnut Creek, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to “promote and cultivate healthy communities for positive aging” by matching residents with more house than they need with people looking for more affordable housing opportunities than Mill Valley currently offers, continues to showcase new opportunities in the 94941. You can benefit from affordable housing in the community you love. 

The Home Match thoroughly screens all participants, offers ongoing support, even after the match is made and does not charge a fee for its services. Here are a pair of Mill Valley opportunities:

Room #1

Cost: $1,350/month & $1,850 deposit. Unfurnished, shared bathroom, off-street parking, in-home laundry, month-to-month.

Home: 8.5′ x 10′ unfurnished room in a lower level duplex with a shared bathroom. Easy access to public transportation and walking distance to downtown Mill Valley.

Shared with: A considerate, friendly, and responsible person. A professional musician for over 50 years. Currently a Music Specialist for senior citizens facilities. Enjoys working in the garden and watercolor painting in her free time.

Looking for someone who: Doesn’t listen to loud music. Someone who helps keep common areas clean (kitchen, bathroom, floors, carpet, etc.) and is mindful of  COVID protocols. Relatively quiet. Open to sharing occasional meals together. Help in the garden if desired.

Room #2

Cost: $900/month, $2,300 deposit. Furnished. Shared bathroom. Street parking. Month-to-month.

Home:  A furnished room available on the first floor, shared bathroom, room has views of trees and hillside. Large backyard gardening is available and encouraged.

Shared with: A semi-retired but busy most days legal assistant, Practicing Jehovah’s witness but will not discuss and preach to housemate.

Looking for someone who: Works days, tidy, contended with solitude.

Room #3

Cost: $1,700/month. Furnished room with king-size bed and private bathroom. Located on estuary of SF Bay with lots of walking and biking trails.

Home: Two story townhouse on a small peninsula on an estuary of San Francisco Bay. The rooms are large and airy. The weather here tends to be cool and foggy and lots of shore and wading birds. There is a swimming pool and easy access to miles of walking and bike paths. Shops, restaurants, and public transit are within walking distance.

Shared with: A retired social worker and counselor interested in others’ needs, experiences and feelings. She enjoys walking, swimming, painting, music, and time with friends.